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Tonight’s Pack Meeting (1/28) Postponed Until Next Thursday (2/7)


Pack 145 Parents and Leaders,

So that we may have a better pack meeting than what are prepared for right now, the Pack meeting for Pack 145 tonight is being postponed until next Thursday, February 7, 2010.  In short, no meeting will be held tonight.  This should allow all of the den leaders the opportunity to attend as about half of the pack’s den leaders will be attending a Watch Dogs meeting tonight at Spring Valley Elementary.

I would also like those registered Cub Scouts that raced in last weeks pack pinewood derby to also bring your cars to the meeting next week.  A few folks left last week before the races were finished and a couple of awards could not be determined without taking a look at all of the cars that raced.  Namely, the awards for best paint job, and best overall design.  If your sons forget to bring their cars next week, they will not be considered for these awards.

So…everybody, have a nice weekend!

Ric Arriaga, Cubmaster


January 7, 2010
Hello Pack 145!


Most of you may already know that the Raytown school district cancelled all classes last night for both today and tomorrow.

After email discussions with the pack leadership, we have decided that all Cub Scout activities are officially cancelled this week (Wolf Den/Bear Den/Webelos Den meetings and Pinewood Derby workshop).  And that the Tiger Den will be notified separately if Monday’s meeting will not take place at the Shack as scheduled, as the schools are expected to be open.

Depending on which channel/web site you favor we are going to have a high today of about 8°-10°.  That’s balmy compared to tomorrow with a forecast high of only 0° to (+1°).  And since Saturday is only expected to get to +6°-(+7°) for the high, all Pack 145 activities this week, including Saturday’s pinewood derby workshop are cancelled.  Sunday and Monday on the other hand, are forecast to get to 25° and 30° degrees, respectively.  So I feel rather confidant that the schools will be open next week.

The Tiger Den meeting scheduled for this coming Monday (now to be held at the Shack), will go on as scheduled, at 6pm.  That is, unless the Tiger Den Leader, James Wilson, determines otherwise.  If that is the case, then the members of the Tiger Den will be notified separately if Monday’s meeting will not take place at the Shack as scheduled, as the schools are expected to be open.  So, Tiger parents, keep your eyes open for an email from James in case Monday’s meeting is cancelled.

Den Leaders: Please call your parents of this announcement who do not have ready access to email at home.  At lot of parents may be staying home from work today and tomorrow as well.


Ric Arriaga


January 6, 2010
Remember the pack cancellation policy (see bottom of this page), if the Raytown schools are closed, Cub Scout activities that day are also cancelled.  For Saturday activities, that decision will be on a case-by-case basis depending on the activity.

We have an activity this Saturday Jan. 9th (pinewood derby workshop) which is being repeated on January 16th.  So let's wait and see if Raytown schools end up being closed all week before making a decision for Saturday.

Ric Arriaga

Due to the holiday season, the November Pack Meeting will be held Thursday, November 19th, and the December Pack Meeting will be held Thursday, December 17th.
  • Pack Meeting Info
    Pack 145 meets the last Thursday of the month,
    7pm-8:00pm at:

    The Shack 

    5925 Arlington (59th & Raytown Trfcwy)

    Raytown, MO

  • New Den Leaders for 2009-2010!!


  • Tiger Den Leader - James Wilson

  •     Den Meetings: Mondays, 6pm at the Shack

  • Wolf Den Leader - Andrea Foreman

  •     Den Meetings: Fridays, 6pm at the Shack

  • Bear Den Leader - Shellie Arriaga

  •     Den Meetings: Thursdays, 7pm at the Shack (w/Webelos)

  • Webelos Den Leader - Ryan Sipes

  •     Den Meetings: Thursdays, 7pm at the Shack (w/Bears)

    For more info please contact:

    Ricardo Arriaga, Cub Master at 816-665-4793

Update!!!  The Pack Outing for November 21st has been rescheduled for December 12th.

I found out a couple of days ago that for a group tour, the Moon Marble Company ( is booked through January, with the exception of Saturday, December 12th, at 1pm.  So, we will need to meet at the Shack that day (12/12) at noon.  Also, for a tour by a scout troop, in order to qualify for the marble belt loop, there is a $6 fee.  That will include a bag of marbles, a marble “tournament”, and a demonstration by the “Marble Maker”.  What is nice about this trip, unlike the trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch, only those who wish to play marbles and receive a set of marbles need to pay the fee.  Any accompanying adults do not need to pay.  If you don’t play, you don’t need to pla.  Also, if any additional children come and also want to play and receive some marbles, they will need to pay the $6.

Those scouts in attendance will be eligible to receive the Marble Belt Loop at the December Pack Meeting. 

In addition, take a look at their web site to see if there are other items you may wish to purchase while we’re there.  I expect us to return between 3-4 pm. 

For you Webelos parents, as with the Roller Skating belt loop earned last month, the marbles belt loop fulfills one of the requirements for the Sportsman Activity Badge.  Then they will need to earn two team sports belt loops (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, or ultimate Frisbee for example) which can be earned through such organizations as Upward, Raytown Parks & Recreation, the YMCA, and private sports clubs in the area. 

Ric Arriaga


And don't forget, we're going to the Louisburg Cider Mill on Saturday, October 31st!  Meet at the Shack at 1pm.  Cost is $7.50+tax per person.

Pack 145 Parents, we have received an invitation from the Boy Scouts of Troop 145, see  below

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 3:47 PM

Hi Ric;

Sorry, I forgot this earlier: Would your Cub Scouts, with their parents, be interested in joining the Boy Scouts on the Troop's October bicycling overnight? We will be going to Old Franklin and camping at a campground that abuts the KATY Trail State Park . Scouts can ride the trail as little or as much as their abilities let them. We could have group meals, campfire, church service and skits. We would leave Saturday morning, the 24th and return Sunday afternoon, the 25th.

Pass the word around and let our Outdoor Chairman, Hank know. He will reserve the appropriate size, or number of, camping spaces. Contact Hank at 358- or at

Thanks.. . . . . Pete

ps. Helmets will be required for all riders. 

Please let me know if you and your son would like to go.
Ric Arriaga

Cub Scout Family Campout - 2009









The Cub Scout Family Campout is almost here!  It will be at Unity Village near Lee's SummitMO on Fri. Sept. 25 and Sat. Sept. 26.  Don't miss out on all the fun!  It will be a great way to kickoff the fall!   


Event Details


Come and campout on Fri. night and enjoy the campfire program.  Breakfast will be provided on Sat. morning.  Some of the activities on Sat. will be: monkey bridge, water rockets (please bring 2 liter bottle for participants), sling shots, games, and more!


For more information contact Laura Crotty 816-853-2544 or

- Bad weather Pack activity cancellation policy:  The pack will use as an indicator the Raytown C-2 School District's determination on bad weather.  If the school district cancels classes or releases its students early the pack will not hold it's activities scheduled for that day. 


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